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established in 2013

Tom Curry

I have my sister, Rebecca, to thank for unknowingly introducing me to the hobby that would soon change my life.

On a weekend trip to the coastal town of Rockport, MA, Rebecca lent me her camera, where I quickly learned I had a knack for capturing everyday moments and making them special. Shortly after, I bought my own camera, a Nikon D3200, and continued to take pictures while experimenting with cinematography.

That winter my sister and I took on a project called Berkshire InSight, a short film that captured the beauty of the Berkshires in a 5-minute video. We were grateful to work with the wonderful Paul LeBlanc to make that project come to life. The joy and confidence I gained form the success of the film is something I hold onto and remember still to this day as i make new documentaries

It was during my time at Endicott College that my hobby turned into a passion. After an error in judgment on a comedic video I made early in my college career, I was asked to make a series of videos showcasing some of the wonderful amenities and advancements the school had to offer instead. These short films led to an opportunity to create videos for the athletic department, which led to event videos, which led to much more. I am truly grateful for the mistake I made in that first comedic film, as it gave me exposure and connections I still use today.

After graduating college I moved to Boston to pursue my passion in hopes of finding a job but quickly realized that I wanted to continue making passion projects for myself and I decided to make a series called “The Beauty of…”. In this series, the goal was to create 3-minute promotional videos of my favorite towns. Similar to the feeling of success after Berkshire InSight, seeing my own, personal, creations receive great feedback on social media platforms ignited my fuel to pursue freelancing.

From here my goal is to continue to travel and create breathtaking videos to show to my community.

My passion is my craft, and I strive to show unique perspectives and tell meaningful stories through my content.